Letters of Recommendation

To  Whom It May Concern:

I worked with CJ Sands for 5 Years at 3 different Campgrounds where he was Manager.  As  a manager he always showed respect to all his employees and Customers.  He was always ready to Listen to Ideas and suggestions that were made and decided which one would work to make improvements and working environment better for the Park. CJ was always available to assist without hesitation with the many projects that he  always had going on to keep the Parks running and up to date. Although his 1st priority was to Run the Parks and make a profit his management skills knew it took a team to make it happen . He has a way of making his employees feel important in return they make for better employees.  As a true testament to his management whenever Mr Sands was sent to make improvements at the other Parks there were many of his employees that followed him From Virginia to Texas and on to Missouri. It was a true Honor to have worked with Him………….. Frank Snipes
Life Is A Gift From God….Enjoy Every Day 
Frank and Alice Snipes

To  Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this to provide a recommendation for CJ  (Carroll) Sands. In the seven years I have known him, he has always worked in a  management position. Both my husband and myself have had the privilege to work under his supervision. He is a highly trained manager who excels at motivating others and building teamwork. Not only does he have remarkable people skills that include effective use of communications and interpersonal relationship skills to ensure excellent customer satisfaction, he is very experienced with plumbing, electrical wiring, carpentry and other maintenance skills. He is very well rounded manager who always demonstrates the ability to adept at solving and fixing problems.  We have found CJ to be a manager of personal integrity and a strong work ethics.

Kathie Kile

To Whom It May Concern,

As an employee of CJ Sands while employed for over two years at Legacy Resorts and campgrounds, I’ve benefited from his creative problem-solving, tireless work ethic, and willingness to do whatever it takes to manage a customer based hospitality solution.

CJ was directly responsible for increasing customers for Legacy. As employee, he was responsible for keeping employee morale at the highest levels. He exceled at both.

As a colleague, Ben is incredibly generous with his time and expertise. It was easy to learn from CJ as his experience level was extensive. Beyond that, his co-worker, I have to say that his humor and good nature make long nights and tough deadlines much easier on his team.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about his specific skills and experience.

Thanks, and best regards,
Bob Britt

Clair j white
10393 Sharon Dr
Greenville,Mi 48838


RE: Employment reference letter for Carroll “CJ”Sands

I regard Carroll Sands as a higher dedicated and enthusiastic individual It has been my privilege to work with.Carroll Cj Sands. I have always been impressed by CJs resourcefulness and strong grasp on complex technical and management issues.He has been a constant source of motivation and support for all his team members, who had gone above and beyond to deliver under his leadership.

I had worked under CJ as he most commonly is referred to by most, I had worked for him 5 different times while he managed RV parks in Texas, Missouri CJ has always demonstrated a very approachable attitude for his subordinates and peere.His clear understanding of business needs and goals make him a distinguished leader and motivator.

Carroll shares and excellent and professional and personal rapport with most everyone whom has worked with him.His excellent communication skill are some of his personal assets.His enthusiasm and diligence are winning combinations.

Carroll CJ Sands would be an extremely valuable asset for any organization.

I strongly recommend him
Clair Joe White

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked for C.J. Sands on three different jobs and he is the  best manager I have ever worked for. He has the ability to evaluate employees and place them in jobs that suit them. He understands people and works hard to listen to his employees. He tries hard to keep morale high and everyone working as a cohesive team. He works well with all levels of workers from senior management to manual labor. He knows how to accomplish a job. I have watched him personally contact each employee to be sure they knew their assignment and were ready to perform. He also did an excellent job of choosing supervisors  who knew their job. He held regular meeting to communicate with everyone. I feel his most important trait is that he is honest and a straight shooter. He always had the respect of everyone who worked for him. They were willing to go out of their way for CJ because they thought so much of him.

Charlotte Rickard

To whom it may concern.
  I am Danny Pherigo , and my wife Renee .
We have in the past worked under the Management of C J Sands . We really enjoyed working for him him because he is the type of Manager who put his Employees first . CJ also was known as a Manager who cared for the Guest around him . If there was a repair or problem to be solved ,you knew he was going to be right there helping . And was not like some managers who would stand by and just watch . If the opportunity ever would come up ,I would gladly work for him again .
Danny and Renee Pherigo
  309 -202-6883
Greenview, Illinois

Cj, I hope the residents of Clarcona vote once again for who is best suited to improve their property values. I have been a Realtor for 35 Years in Central Florida and a property manager for 20 of those years. Some of those properties are  in your community. You are knowledgeable and truly care for the community conditions and the people’s safety. I am always pleased my landlords trust your opinion as do I on repairs and your availability to discuss community solutions to problems. Wishing you the best and hopefully people recognize and appreciate you and vote for a step in the right direction.

Beatrice Palladino 
Director of Property Management 
Realty Executives Gallery Properties 
407 312 1820

August 21, 2018

TO: Whom it may concern
RE: C. J. Sands & River Creek Enterprises
From: Richard Franklin

This is to inform that Richard Franklin and Sabal RV Resorts has a working relationship with C J Sands and River Creek Enterprises.
It has been my experience in the past six months that C J is a pleasure to work with and can be counted on to perform any assignment in a professional and timely manner.
He is responsible for leasing and maintaining 14 lots for my company in Clarcona Resort. He handles all aspects of leasing transactions including tenant relationships, collection of rents and deposits.
He is trustworthy and manages his affairs with integrity.

Richard Franklin

September 4, 2020

To Whom It May Concern.

We have known and worked with Carroll (CJ) Sands since around 2011.  We were both managing parks for Legacy RV Resorts.  I got to know him quite well and had a lot of respect for him.  I felt he was one of Legacy’s top managers. I would call him quite often and ask him questions and he was a great help.  After he left Legacy, we did stay in touch.  I was promoted with Legacy to be the National Supervisor.  I got into a situation where I really needed some help.  I called CJ and he was more than willing to come help me with the waterpark at Mark Twain Landing.  CJ and Linda Rock then went to our Wisconsin park where they were part of the management team there until I needed them in Missouri at the waterpark at Mark Twain.  They have been there this season and have done a great job.  I feel that CJ and Linda would be great at anything they set out to do.  I know they are hard workers and they adapt very quickly at any job they do.  We all here at Legacy RV Resorts would highly recommend them.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Steve Maxwell

Steve & Willa Maxwell
National Supervisors
Legacy RV Resorts